Customer relationships in banking are constantly evolving, with more and more customers carrying out transactions on self-service channels than ever before and branch transactions are beginning to decline. Banks must evolve the way they conduct their business across these channels, not only to better interact with customers, but also to ensure that they can optimize the value of each customer relationship across all points of contact.

ATM software & ATM switch solutions

Trudi's ATM Suite a complete suite of solutions allows banks to offer the advanced ATM services that exceed customers' expectations. Whether your bank wishes to differentiate itself from the competition by launching unique products and services swiftly, reduce costs by managing ATM networks efficiently, or generate new revenue and acquire customers at the ATM, we have the right solution. With state-of-the art technologies we leverage the full capabilities of both the ATM and kiosk, allowing your bank to take advantage of these low cost, powerful and nimble channels. We install our ATM software client into each device, taking full control over the teller machine and providing intelligence and personalisation for every interaction with your customers.

Internet banking software

Trudi's Internet Banking Software provides an interface that will engage your customer. We have designed a natural and useful internet banking experience that caters to the needs of every type of customer lifestyle and their expectations. Our Banking Solutions are touch screen optimised and compatible with any device which connects to the internet (laptop/mobile/tablet/connected TV). User experience is optimised for your customers via a highly flexible solution that adapts screen resolution, navigation menus and content to the given screen size. The solution offers a straightforward and attractive online banking experience for your customer that will become intrinsic to their lifestyle. Our platform is an advanced, user-friendly and responsive banking application. Designed with extensive research into customer behaviour and in conjunction with UX geniuses, our solution gives your bank the power to provide a superior online banking experience to clients while also generating revenue.

Mobile banking software

Our Mobile Banking platform enables you to provide mobile banking services to all customers regardless of the technology they use. Our mobile banking software takes away the challenge of providing banking services across multiple, disparate technologies. It is optimized for smartphone, tablet applications and other wearables. It lets you display appropriate design, content and menus on any gadget. You can be differentiated with a rich set of innovative transactions that go well beyond basic balance check, statements or alerts. Sending money between mobile phones, turning a card on and off at your convenience, accepting a loan and redeeming it instantly can all be undertaken from a customer's mobile phone. With our amazing Mobile Banking Solutions you can start achieving amazing results!


Online Banking Enrollment
Mobile Banking Enrollment
Digital KYC
Updloading of Documents


User Login
Device Registration
Two-Factor Authentication
OTP / Fingerprint
Password Management


Account Dashboard
Account Viewing
Account Linking
Transaction History
Download eSOA
Online Account Opening


Intrabank Tranfers
Interbank Transfers - Instapay
Interban Transfers - Pesonet
Wire Transfer - Swift
Move Money - Own Account
Scheduled Transfers
Beneficiary Management

Bills Payment

Manage Billers
One Time Payment
Enrolled Biller Payment
Recurring Payment

Profile Management

View Profile
Edit Profile
View Actvity Logs
Update Security Settings
Set Transaction Limits
Basic Expense Tracking

Card Management

Card Dashboard
Card Activation / Deactivation
Transaction History
Transaction Limits
PIN Request / Reset
Card Replacement Request


Check Reorder
View Check Image
Stop Payment Order
Online Check Deposit


Account Dashboard
Account Viewing
Account Linking
Transaction History
Download eSOA
Load Application

Back Office

Manage Global Settings
Channel Management
Basic CRM